Dissemination and market-uptake

Dissemination and market uptake are key to maximize the impact of the NAVAIS project, to involve the SME supply chain and to pave the way to market uptake of the project results. This will be done by means of 4 interrelated tasks:

  1. The development of a strategy for dissemination and exploitation of the project results. The dissemination and exploitation activities will target a number of key stakeholders, amongst others: general public, shipbuilding companies and shipowners/ship operators, competent authorities, the (SME) supply chain of ship building companies, design offices, etc. Besides generic dissemination by means of a website, leaflets, newsletters, etc, a business plan will be developed to ensure the uptake of the results during and after the lifetime of the project;
  2. The development of dissemination and communication measures and tools, the organisation of events, and the facilitation of the involvement of the SME supply chain are key to ensure a proper dissemination and exploitation of the project results. In this task, the website will be developed and maintained, the graphical identity prepared, newsletters, presentations, leaflets, brochures etc. developed. Special focus will be put on media production (video journals, animations) to ensure clear explanation of NAVAIS ideas;
  3. Implementation, monitoring and assessment of the implementation of the strategy and tools developed to ensure the strategy and tools meet the expectations of the target audience, thereby ensuring the maximization of the impact of NAVAIS;
  4. The set-up of the involvement of the (SME) supply chain, to facilitate the adaptation to new business models. An SME forum will be created to ensure the supply chain of shipbuilding companies is aligned during the execution of the project.


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