Requirements and assessments

The principal role of WP 1 is that of setting and aligning the detailed requirements, ensuring the different work packages remain aligned, validating and verifying the project results. This process knows many forms, though within the NAVAIS project, this is expressed in 4 different activities:

  1. During the initial phase of the project, the work description in the project plan is translated to detailed requirements and a further alignment of the work package input-output relations, as well as a further analysis of project risk. This process leads to an update of the project description and a number of detailed arrangements between work packages. Especially important is the discussion of deadlines and the check on information transferred between work packages.
  2. The most important task of WP 1 is the mid-term assessment. Though it is in essence a regular assessment, a negative outcome, may lead to discontinuation of the project, hence it is the result that makes it so important. At the mid-term stage the viability and feasibility of the project goals are reviewed with the input from the initial work package deliverables. This go-no go assessment primarily verifies and validates the procedures and tools developed during the first half of the project. It checks if the chosen procedures and output of the tools are in line with the project proposal and goals (Validation) and checks if they are performing as expected (Verification.
  3. In the later stages of the project the developed ships, platforms and modules are subjected to verification and validation. Their technical feasibility of the designs made in the course of WP2 and WP3, the constructability simulated in WP5 and their economic viability are all tested and verified.
  4. An all-important validation performed in WP1 concerns economic viability using a tool that will be developed by WP 1 itself. The development of this tool is the final activity of WP 1. It will contain an economic life cycle analysis of the vessel and should answer not only the economic performance of the vessel over time, but also give input to the discussion of the value of lead time in production. It is obvious a faster ship delivery adds value to the owner and operator, but uncertain is how much more.
Requirements and assessments Requirements and assessments Requirements and assessments

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