Platform-based ferry product family

The challenge in WP2 is to introduce a ferry product family, to be used in a platform-based modular product design method for double ended ferries. In the next 4 years, this will result in the development of a “digital twin” of a double ended ferry for Europe with battery powering and capacity up to 400 passengers and 120 cars. This will be achieved through 4 different activities:

  1. In the initial phase, an extensive market study will be conducted to identify the overall range and class division of the ferry product family. The analysis will address the existing fleet age, replacement demands, foreseen growth and data on energy needs, fuels and estimates of resulting emissions to air. This market study will be used to identify a population of relevant vessels and determine the scaling ranges of the different modules;
  2. After having determined the relevant scaling ranges, the second step will be to start the development of the basic modules. The modular design will be executed to the preliminary-level based on a modular architecture. This design level will suffice to demonstrate the modular design and production process. In addition, the optimisation of the ferry space allocation will be demonstrated;
  3. In parallel with the development of the basic modules, an electrical drivetrain and charging system will be developed and tested using a prototype. This will include investigations into e.g. scalable power systems, charging sequencing and thermal management;
  4. The project will be concluded with a demonstration of the capabilities of the developed design and production method by creating a TRL9-rated digital twin of a double ended ferry, where a simulation will show the optimal combination of modules in relation to their production process.
Platform-based ferry product family Platform-based ferry product family Platform-based ferry product family


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